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magic clay cloth

magic clay cloth

1. Only 5 mins. to solved all splatter painting.


2. This magic clay cloth can be repeated Usage up to 30 cars or more.


3. Normally, car's paint surface is easily adhered by contaminants by air pollution and industrial and environmental issues. In this way, it causes different  

    kind of particles like tars, painting, industrial rust, worms, bird drops...., adhered to car surface and causes oxidation and scratches.


4. By using MAGIC CLAY CLOTH, any of particles can be easily removed.

5. It definitely is the most easy, fast and convenience way to clean and do no harm to car's surface.




1. Clean paint surface by water first, leave water on the surface don't wipe

    off, then use MAGIC CLAY CLOTH with war wash shampoo to clean tthe


2. Gently wipe it on surface to clean particles.


3. No harm to paint gloss, do not require rubbing compounds, you can make

    it clean.

4. To clean MAGIC CLAY CLOTH, simply put it into water and clean.